Mechanical Engineering Projects

Project ID Project Title Project Guide
KME01 Design and Development of Electric Bicycle Prof. Nilesh Gaikwad
KME02 Design, Development and Manufacturing of Power Tiller Machine Prof. J. D. Ganeshkar
KME04 Automatic Brake Failure Indicator With Auxiliary Braking System Prof. Chandan R. Ingole
KME05 Design and Analysis of Compound Press Tool for Washer Prof. S. K. Bhoite
KME06 Low cost 3D Printer using E-waste Prof. Chandan R. Ingole
KME07 Design and Manufacturing of Active Rear Wing to Improve Cornering of a Car using Shape Memory Alloy Actuation System Prof. R. A. Gujar
KME08 Design and development of Battery Thermal Management System using Nano fluids to extend the life and range of Electric Vehicle using Li-ion Battery Pack Prof. S. R. Wankhade
KME09 Design and Development of an Immersion Cooled Battery Pack for High-Performance Light Electric Vehicles Dr. Mrs. Anindita Roy, Dr. N. R. Deore
KME10 Experimental Investigation of the performance of a cold storage unit integrated with phase change material Dr. Mrs. Anindita Roy, Dr. Mrs. Sonali Kale, Dr. A. B. Lingayat
KME11 Design and Manufacturing of Adjustable Dining Table Prof. Mrs. Vrushali Yogesh Bhalerao
KME12 Autonomous Mobile Robot Base with Modular Extension Dr. Sanjay B. Matekar
KME13 Development of an experimental setup to calculate specific heat of an ideal gas at constant pressure (Cp) and at constant Volume (Cv) respectively Prof. Ummid I. Shaikh
KME14 Automatic Detection of Bearing Faults Prof. Amit Panchwadkar
KME15 Portable Emission Detection and Continuous Monitoring Device Dr. C. L. Ladekar

Electronics and Telecommunication Projects

Project ID Project Title Project Guide
KET01 Vision Guided pick-and-place Robotic ARM Dr. S. L. Tade,
Prof. Mrs. Sonali Y. Sawant
KET02 Wireless Digital Stethoscope Dr. Mrs. Jyoti S. Kulkarni
KET03 Autonomous Mobile Robot Base with Modular Extensions Dr. M. T. Kolte
KET04 Design and Analysis of Wearable Microstrip Patch Antenna for Breast Cancer Detection Prof. G. R. Rahate
KET05 Fraud Detection and Prevention by Face Recognition with and without Mask for Banking Applications Dr. Mrs. Rajani P. K.
KET06 Fully Automatic Cup Dhoop Making Machine Prof. Mrs. Sharada Patil
KET07 Emotion Detection and Recognition Dr. M. T. Kolte, Prof. P. V. Sontakke
KET08 Smart Refrigerator System Dr. Mrs. S. U. Bhandari, Prof. P.V. Sontakke
KET09 Aerial System for Security from Rodents in Agriculture Prof. Mrs. S. A. Patil
KET10 Analysis of EEG Signals using Machine Learning for Prediction and Detection of Stress Prof. A. B. Patil, Prof. Mrs. S. A. Patil
KET11 Smart Number Plate Recognition System For Vehicle Using Rasberry Pi Dr. Mrs. Varsha Bendre

Computer Engineering Projects

Project ID Project Title Project Guide
KCE01 Anomaly Detection in Video Using Machine Learning Prof. Mrs. Archana Kadam
KCE02 A Deep Learning based Responsive Web Platform for Cervical Cancer Detection Dr. Mrs. Swati Shinde
KCE03 Image Colorization of thermal images for Pedestrian detection in Surveillance of autonomous vehicles Dr. Mrs. Sonal Gore
KCE04 Edge Computing Based Portable Health Monitoring System Dr. Mrs. Sonal Gore
KCE05 Booklingo (Deepfakes generation for VideoBooks) Dr. Mrs. Swati Shinde
KCE06 A Portable Bidirectional Sign Language Translation System for Deaf and Dumb Dr. Mrs. K. Rajeswari, Prof. Mrs. Sushma Vispute
KCE07 Automated Deep Learning based Weedicide Spraying Robot Prof. Mrs. B. Mahalakshmi
KCE08 AI based Workout Assistant and Fitness Guide Dr. Mrs. Reena Kharat
KCE09 Image Forgery Detection using Machine Learning Dr. Sudeep D. Thepade
KCE10 A system for Liver Tumor Detection Dr. Mrs. Anuradha Thakare
KCE11 Management of Digital Evidence for Cyber Crime Investigation using Proxy Re-encryption Algorithm Dr. Mrs. Rachana Patil
KCE12 AI Based Surveillance System for Detection of Theft Activities for Security in Banks and Jewelry Stores Prof. Mrs. Swati Chandurkar
KCE13 Detection of Pulmonary Diseases from lung sounds using Multiclass Classification DL Algorithms Prof. Atul Pawar
KCE14 Design and Development of a Web-based Tool for Idol Immersion Management and Analysis Dr. Mrs. Anuradha Thakare
KCE15 An Automated System for Rural People's Complaints Analysis using Data Analytics Techniques Prof. Mrs. Sushma R. Vispute, Dr. Mrs. K. Rajeswari

Information Technology Projects

Project ID Project Title Project Guide
KIT01 Verifying Authenticity of Products based on Blockchain and QR Code to Avoid Counterfeiting Dr. Mrs. Jayashree Katti, Prof. Mrs. Priyanka Manke
KIT02 Remicare: Medicine Intake Tracker and Healthcare Assistance Dr. Mrs. Gulbakshee Dharmale
KIT03 Anti Horn System Prof. Mrs. Rohini Pise

Civil Engineering Projects

Project ID Project Title Project Guide
KCI01 Development and Optimization of various Mixes of Concrete and Other Ecofriendly Materials in 3D Concrete Printer Dr. D. S. Lal
KCI02 To Propose a Cycle Infrastructure Plan for Nigdi Pradhikaran, Pune Prof. Praful Shinkar
KCI03 Design and Development of 3D Concrete Printer Dr. D. S. Lal, Dr. R. N. Phursule, Mr. M. M. Narkhede
KCI04 Automated Layout Marking Vehicle and its Benefit to the Construction Industry Dr. D. S. Lal
KCI05 Effective use of Programmable Aerial Vehicle (PAV) In Construction Industry for Layout Co-Ordinates Marking Dr. D. S. Lal