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Development Plan-A five-year plan for college development

The institute has developed a well structured five year plan for the college development in line with its vision and Mission statement indicated earlier. A summary of the five year plan for the college development is as follows:

(i) Academics

  • Provide basic and advanced education that complies with the requirements of the institute vision and mission of a level that is comparable to that of the best of India.
  • Offer curriculum that are adaptive to the demands of the region in which the institute operate, including the local and international market.
  • Make higher education and advanced studies more accessible to the target audience.
  • Improve the institute’s academic reputation by using its resources wisely and providing customers with quality service.
  • Stringent academic audits to improve the quality of teaching, learning, and assessment.
  • Developing learning resources in public media.
  • To enhance faculty qualification (100% Ph.D. Faculty members)
  • To strengthen association with industry for co-teaching, internship and Projects.
  • Establishing "Center of Excellence in AI"

(ii) Research

  • Timely notification of Different "Call for Proposals" by various funding agencies.
  • Processing of Seed Funding to PCCOE Faculty and Students every year
  • Facilitation through the expert sessions on- publication, IPR and Funding
  • To increase the number of IPRs
  • Focus on improvement of Project Quality
  • Developing the ecosystem for multidisciplinary B.Tech Project
  • Receiving and disbursement of research funding through SIRO recognition
  • Organization of Showcase Conference "Kshitij" for connecting projects to industries
  • Processing SPPU-BCUD-QIP Activities
  • To contribute in 2035 VISION of country.

(iii) Training and Placement

  • To improve the placement percentage by 5 to 10 %
  • To improve the Internships by 5 to 10 %
  • To Improve the number of placements in companies with salaries more than 10 Lacs by 5 to 10 %
  • To invite more companies for the Campus recruitment with salaries more than 10 Lacs by 5 %
  • More Utilization of strong Alumni Base for Placement / Internship / Mock Interviews Purpose
  • To improve the Industry Interaction.
  • Internships from renowned companies with 50% of internship under paid Internships.

(iv) Students Development and Welfare

  • To participate in the Government's initiative of Digital India.
  • To support the School Children in Coding/ hardware building as a social activity.
  • To be recognised at national/International level through students activities.
  • To build state of the art sports facility.
  • To reach top 5 position at different stae and National level Karandaka competitions.
  • To provide scholarship (Government/Industry) to the needy students.

(v) International Relationship

  • To collaborate with reputed National and International universities for student and faculty exchange program
  • Increase in Students going for Higher Studies with Top Universities in QS ranking
  • Establishment of International Education Office: Increase and diversify access to study abroad participation.
  • Designing innovative interdisciplinary study abroad programs with partner universities.
  • Facilitation for Student mobility for Internships, Research projects etc.
  • Strengthening University collaborations and partnerships: Proactively advance strategic and legacy partnerships.
  • Attracting and supporting international students for education in PCCOE: Improve the international student experience, so they can thrive across all aspects of academic and campus life.
  • Academic Exchange: Achieving excellence in global education for all students.
  • Fostering global learning in curriculum
  • Faculty engagement: Supporting faculty internationalization through research exchange, faculty development, more accessible information regarding existing programs and opportunities for collaboration, and support for international grant identification, proposal writing, logistics and making connections/networking etc.
NEP 2020 Implementation Document