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Congratulations To All Successful Students of Academic year 2016-17

Testimonials and Feedback

PCCOE, Pune Engg College In Pune With good placement in reputed companies

Greetings all, I being a PG scholar in VLSI and Embedded Systems in PCCOE, research was one of the important fragments of the curriculum which tried me to excel in the field of E&TC. Our college strives to ensure that understudies are not working in segregation, however have a group of staff to aid their improvement. I had advices on my research work from various staff individuals, and I consistently have the chance to ask them. A lot of communication and discussions were made which helped me lot in developing my idea of research work for project. This gives the chance to enrich the research in a broad way which created lot of learning opportunities throughout my work. The best piece of in the my PG course has been the research openings accessible; great supervision, a scope of assets (available softwares for Embedded, VLSI, hardware kits and etc.), openings and motivation to visit to gatherings, seminars, conferences at national and international. I feel like this course has significantly improved my technical writing skills, yet additionally my capacity to peruse technical research survey with a progressively basic and attentive nature. For instance, I have taken in the significance of addressing conventions and results, and inspecting the measurements and different techniques that scientists use to present their information. So to abridge, it was an incredible journey with Department of Electronics and Telecommunication of PCCOE which has helped me to improve as an student and person. I might want to thank every one of my companions, instructors and non-showing staff of PCCOE for making this adventure significant.

- Shraddha Lad

ME E&TC (VLSI and Embedded Systems) Batch : 2017-19

Pimpri chinchwad college of engineering having the experienced teaching staff

“Passion Patience and Perseverance are the three pillars of a successful students life”

Hello, I am Aishwarya Samudra final year post graduation student at Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering, Akurdi. I belong to electronics and telecommunication branch with specialisation in VLSI and embedded systems. PCCOE has always been a great platform throughout the journey of my education. I have been closely related to PCCOE from a couple of years starting from my polytechnic education to post graduation. This college endorses values like discipline punctuality innovation and social responsibility. Belonging to Pune University PCCOE incorporates learning and earning ways followed by an integration of academic research and innovation. The department of electronics and telecommunication is well equipped with labs with all modern amenities and highly experienced and professional staff. The E&Tc PG department has advanced research lab which gives access to all high end software tools like mentor graphics which is required for research and projects. As an embedded electronics engineer, I have found out that this college offers broad scope of interest in research and development and encourages for prototyping of ideas. The placement cell at PCCOE encourages in making up students prepare well for the industry. As a part of my Summer Internship program I was placed at ifm engineering Pvt Ltd. What I learnt by pursuing these two years at the PG program is good amount of discipline in and out in the industry, professional communication skills, punctuality in every work and responsibility in every task assigned and heading towards research and innovation in a very right manner. The PG department appraise us about various copyright and patent procedures publications at the international conferences and presentations. I am always thankful to our principal sir are HOD sir, PG coordinator dene and all other facilities for the support and encouragement throughout the two year program. Special thanks Dr. Varsha Harpale ma’am for being my mentor and guiding me throughout this journey.

- Aishwarya Samudra,

ME E&TC (VLSI and Embedded Systems) Batch : 2018-20

PCCOE, Pune Engg College In Pune With good placement in reputed companies

Hello, I have been closely related with PCCoE for couple of years and would like to share my experience here. One thing I found most unique with PCCoE is the advanced research lab setup created by the institute specifically in VLSI, Embedded and Signal Processing domain. Also there is an easy access to all these facilities which promotes research in the institute. The college upholds values like discipline and innovation with special interest and attention. The college's approach to discipline is an educative one aimed at helping students to understand their behavior and its impact on others. I experienced that the staff at PCCoE is very enthusiastic and always encourages to work out new ideas and also helps provides platform for both the technical and non-technical work. Describing PCCoE institute in one phrase I would say "PCCoE is the institute where success is a tradition". So PCCoE would be a wise choice to make.

-Prajwal G. Awade

ME- E&TC (VLSI & Embedded Systems), PCCoE - 2016
Project Internship - Wavelet Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Placement - Wavelet Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd.

Pimpri chinchwad college of engineering having the experienced teaching staff

I have achieved many milestones of my life throughout my education at PCCoE, as I have been in PCCOE from last 8 years and did my whole education from diploma to my post graduation at PCCPE. This is best place to shape your career dream. And I feel myself lucky to get into PCCOE. The staff is very friendly and make even most difficult topics easy to understand. They have ensured that students have access to excellent facilities, labs and continuous opportunities for industry interaction including campus placement opportunities. I wish all my colleagues best wishes for their future and my mentors warm thank you!

- Supriya Lakade,

ME E&TC, 2016 batch, PCCoE Pune
Project Internship - Cummins India Pvt. Ltd.

PCCOE, Pune Engg College In Pune With good placement in reputed companies

Hello Everyone, PCCOE belonging to university of Pune offers a blend of learning, amusement and integration of enduring principles. As a electronics engineering student with specialization in VLSI and embedded systems I have experienced that college provides good lab facilities with state of the art front end and back-end EDA tool for executing projects and providing opportunities to students for exploring their core area of interest. This is well supported by highly learned and dedicated faculty. The Institute's library serves as the answer to all our queries in terms of no of books, papers and Periodicals . The entire study environment makes it easy for a student to learn and inculcate the spirit. This has made my journey possible to the core industry where I always wanted to be!

-Abhishek Tiwari

ME E&TC (VLSI & Embedded Systems), 2013-2015 batch, PCCOE Pune
Placement - Sankalp Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore.

Pimpri chinchwad college of engineering having the experienced teaching staff

Having VLSI as an interest area, I was looking for a platform where I can get value added inputs to sharpen my technical skills. I joined ME E&TC (VLSI and Embedded systems) course in academic year 2012. From the day of Joining, I found much disciplined culture in my institute. The PCCOE does not believe in just theoretical learning, instead guide us to focus more on practical aspects of the technologies we learn. For bridging academics and industrial gap; there were seminars of industry experts, research guidance, technical workshops arranged. These facilities sown the seeds of research attitude in students. I would like to express my sincere thanks to our teaching faculty for bringing our knowledge to a far better level. This place teaches us to think “OUT OF THE BOX”. During second year on my curriculum, I got the opportunity to work in LSI India Pvt. Ltd. (one of the best semiconductor industries). Here I would like to explicitly mention that my project guide Dr. Sheetal U. Bhandari was the source of motivation. Without her guidance, it would not have been possible. Also, Prof. Varsha K. Harpale helped us in case of technical and non-technical difficulties as well. I wish a great success to the institute and the candidates belongs to PCCOE. Be proud to be a ‘PCCOEn’.

- Mayuri Karpe-Wavhal,

ME E&TC (VLSI & Embedded Systems), 2012-2014 batch, PCCOE Pune
Placement - Software Engineer at GS Lab, Pune ,First topper with CGPA: 8.17

PCCOE, Pune Engg College In Pune With good placement in reputed companies

Hi All, I am the student of first batch of post graduation in VLSI and Embedded Systems in PCCOE. One of the major highlights of my ME has been the research community at PCCOE. Our department works hard to make sure that students are not working in isolation, but have a team of staff to assist in their development. I have had feedback on my research from numerous staff members, and I regularly have the opportunity to ask them questions and get ideas from those outside my supervision team. There is also a high level of communication and discussions among students. Many of us work in labs together and are able to develop personal and professional relationships, working on projects that range from those in our same sub-discipline. This provides the opportunity to enhance our research with both breadth and depth. The best part of in the my PG course has been the research opportunities available; good supervision, a range of resources (software, hardware kits for Embedded,VLSI,DSP etc), opportunities and inspiration to attend and present at conferences, and the collaborative learning environment provided by the departmental lectures and seminars. I feel like this course has dramatically improved not only my scientific writing, but also my ability to read scientific literature with a more critical and observant eye. For example, I have learnt the importance of questioning protocols and results, and reviewing the statistics and other methods that researchers use to present their data. So to summarize, it was a great journey with Department of Electronics and Telecommunication and PCCOE which has helped me to improve as a professional and in person. I would like to thank all my friends, teachers and non-teaching staff of PCCOE for making this journey memorable.

- Aniruddha Kulkarni

ME E&TC (VLSI & Embedded Systems), 2012-2014 batch, PCCOE Pune
Placement - Software Engineer at GS Lab, Pune