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ISO 21001:2018 (EOMS) standard

Introduction :

ISO 21001:2018 (EOMS) standard is the internationally recognized best practice framework for an Educational Organizations Management System (EOMS). The ISO 21001 certification will enable you to provide educational services in a more effective and efficient manner.

EOMS focuses on learners and other beneficiaries; Visionary leadership; Engagement of people; Process approach; Improvement; Evidence-based decisions; Relationship management; Social responsibility; Accessibility and equity; Ethical conduct in education and Data security and protection.

ISO 21001:2018 At PCCoE

The PCCOE is certified by ISO 9001: 2008 in 2023, ISO 9001:2015 in year 2017 and 2020. These Quality Management System standard was effectively executed in PCCOE for improvement of education services by providing value added quality education. The ISO 21001:2018 EOMS standard is implemented from 18th Aug 2023 to improve the quality of education services to satisfy applicable needs and expectations of learners/students and all concerned stake holders.

Benefits Of EOMS:

  • Effective governance through Educational Organizations Management Systems (EOMS)
  • Well-equipped laboratories with regularized maintenance.
  • Well-coordinated organizational structure for growth in academics, research and Industry Institute Interactions
  • Systematic Planning of Statutory and regulatory requirements, financial resources and utilization of budget.
  • Consistent efforts for satisfying student’s needs, expectations and requirements through Plan-Do-Check-Act ISO processes.
  • Effective mechanism for data security and management.

EOMS Implementation: ISO 21001:2018

Effective release and implementation of ISO Process Manuals

  • Apex and EOMS Manual
  • Academic Process manual
  • Administration process manual
  • Examination Manual
  • Research and innovation process manual
  • Students development and Welfare process manuals
  • Industry Institute Interaction Process Manual

EOMS Scope:

“Design, development and providing technical education to the undergraduate students of Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Information Technology, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering (AI&ML) and Computer Engineering (Regional Language).”

EOMS Policy:

“We at PCCOE are committed to offer exemplarily Ethical, Sustainable and Value Added Quality Education to satisfy the applicable requirements, needs and expectations of the students and stakeholders.

We shall strive for technical development of students by creating globally competent and sensible engineers, researchers and entrepreneurs through Quality Education.

We are committed for Institutes’ social responsibilities and managing Intellectual property.

We shall achieve this by establishing and strengthening state-of-the-art Engineering Institute through continual improvement in effective implementation of Educational Organizations Management Systems (EOMS).”



Objectives (What will be done)

Required Resources

Methodology of

Measurement (How)


To improve Knowledge Skill , Attitude and Behaviour Index

Output of all teaching learning processes

Academics Quality Index


To improve Research and Innovation Index

Output of Research and Innovation processes

R&D Performance Index


To improve percentage placements and median salary of the students

Output of training and placement processes.

Training and Placement Index ( I.I.I. Index)


To improve per student expense.

Output of Administration – Account processes

Expenditure details


To enhance Satisfaction Index

Students satisfaction

Satisfaction Index

Staff satisfaction

Dr. Varsha K. Harpale

Dr. Mrs. Varsha K. Harpale
ISO Chief Coordinator,
Email : varsha.harpale@pccoepune.org

Dr. Rajesh N. Phursule

Dr. Rajesh N. Phursule
ISO Coordinator,
Email : Rajesh.phursule@pccoepune.org