HUMAN CHESS - The Mind War on Board

Execution Rules

1. Each team consists of 8 Members as follows:
1-King (Team Leader)

2. A printed chess board (8x8sizes) will be provided, on which both team members (8-pieces black and white) will be standing as per team predefined position strategy and same will be reflected on screen.

3. The team who wins the toss will make the first move, and the team who lose the toss will select the chit position strategy from the chits.

4. The toss winning team will be given white color code and opponent team will be given black color code.

5. Communication will be allowed between the team members during the match, but only King(Team Leader) is allowed to order the move that is final.

6. The total time duration for 1 match is 30 Minutes. Before match 2 minutes Strategic time out will be given to team for preparation.

7. Every move must be done in max 1 minute. If move is not done in 1 minute, then as a penalty to team2 points will be given to opponent team.

8. 8. The Points allotted to pieces are as follows:
a. Queen = 9 points
b. Rook = 5 points
c. Bishop = 3 points
d. Knight = 3 points

9. 1 points per check allotted for the team who gives check to opponent

10. The winner of the match will be decided with the following consideration:
   a. The team who gives check mate to opponent within allotted 30 minutes will be the winner of that match.
   b. In case of no check mate within allotted 30 minutes, the winner of that match will be decided by considering the following points:
      * Team with highest points will be the winner of that match.
      * In case of tie in allotted points, Points allocated to checks and penalty points will be considered(i.e. team with highest check points plus penalty points will be winner of that match).

11. In case of tie in all the allotted points, extra time of 5 Minutes will be given to play, with 30 second per move, and with new strategy. All the other chess rules are applicable as it is.

12. Decision of the Judges will be final and abiding to all the teams.

Registration Rules

1. Each team consists of 8 members including one team leader (King).

2. Registration fee is Rs.400 per team.

3. All team members must be students of same or different college.

4. Each member must carry their college I-Card on the days of event.

5. Team should carry the Registration Receipt on event days.

6. There will be 4 rounds and maximum teams will be 16.

7. Round 1 and 2 will be conducted on first day of event and Remaining 2 rounds will be held on second day of event.

8. Final schedule of the matches will be communicated to the Team Leader 5 days prior to the event by E-mail and Phone

Two winners will be evaluated

1st Prize :Rs.8000/-
2nd prize :Rs.4000/-

Faculty Coordinator
Prof. Prakash Ukhalkar :9226094948

Student Coordinator
Mr. Sunil More :7276496098