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FE Induction and Commencement                     

Research and Development at First Year Engineering

“Take up one idea! Make that idea in your life, think of it. Dream of it and live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves every part of your body be full of that idea and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success”, said Swami Vivekananda. This is the “Success Mantra” for the Research & Development for the faculties as well as students. Our Philosophy is to nurture creativity and innovative thinking abilities through possible exposure to the various Engineering subject applications which they study during first year. Various technical events and workshops are organized to trigger creativity, innovation and project based learning such as robotics, PCB designing, model and poster making , matholic- weekly puzzle competition, mega technical event “SPECTRUM ” exclusively for first year.

Thrust Area - SIG

SIG groups have been formed taking into account the research interest of faculties in the department so as to initiate active deployment of research and create an atmosphere conducive for achieving set targets though team work.

Sr. No.

SIG Name

Name of SIG Coordinator


Applied Mathematics

Dr. Leena Sharma


Applied Physics

Mrs. Anjali Sakurkar


Applied Chemistry

Mr. R. T. Jagtap


Electrical Power, Optimization and Control

Mrs. Geetanjali Saxena

Patents and Publications

  • Dr. Surbhi Senger published paper on “Behavioral analysis of Carbon disulphide production unit in a Viscose staple fiber plant with old age replacement policy” in international Journal of Innovative and Emerging Research in Engineering, Volume 2, Issue 6, 2015.

  • Dr. Surbhi Senger published paper on “Performance evaluation and reliability analysis of an engine assembly process of automobiles incorporating inspection facility” in Mathematical theory and modeling, Volume 4, Issue 6, PP. 154-163, 2014.

  • Mrs.Pranjal Jog published paper on “TTC enhancement using PSO Method” in periodic research ISSN 2231-0045 E -ISSN 2349-9435.

  • Mrs Anshumati Amte published paper on “Automatic Generation of lyapunov function using genetic programming approach registered International Conference on energy systems and application 2015 organized by D.Y.Patil Engineering College, Pune.

  • Mrs. Puja Kate published paper on “Automatic Generation of lyapunov function using genetic programming approach registered International Conference on energy systems and application 2015 organized by Dr. D. Y. Patil Engineering College, Pune.

  • Mr. R. T. Jagtap attended and published paper on "Functional Eco-Friendly Smart Emerging Materials” in International Conference Organized by PDEA'S B.G. College, Sanghvi Pune -27 on 11th to 12th March, 2016.

  • Dr. S.S.Sonar published paper on “Synthesis and Characterization of Schiff Base Ligands and their Antimicrobial Activity” in Pelgia Research Library, Advances in Applied Science Research, 2016,7(1):13-16, ISSN: 0976-8610.

  • Mrs. Puja Kate and Mrs. Anshumati Amte published paper on “Pricing of Power in Deregulated Electricity Market Based on Particle Swarm Optimization" in International Journal of Exploring Emerging Trends in Engineering (IJEETE), Vol. 03, Issue 01, Jan-Feb, 2016, ISSN – 2394-0573

  • Mr. Arif Bagvan published paper on “Existence of some Positive Solutions to Fractional Difference Equation” in International Journal of Difference Equation ,Vol.10, Number 2 pp. 221-232,2015, ISSN – 0973-6069

Self Learning Center

Self learning centre is developed in the department to trigger creativity and provide early hands on experience to the first year students. Learning material is also available for the students in the centre. Innovative projects made by the students in various domains have been displayed in the self learning centre.

R & D Activities

Guest Lecture on Research and Innovation Opportunities and Outcomes
The guest lecture was organized by the First Year Engineering Department on “Research and Innovation Opportunities and Outcomes” on 20th Aug., 2015 by Dr. H. U. Tiwari, Dean R&D, PCCoE, Pune. Dr. Surabhi Sengar & Dr. Leena Sharma successfully coordinated the event. The event was organized with an objective to give an introduction to the students about innovation and R&D activities, how to choose thrust area for project work, how to apply innovative ideas in real life and what is patenting. This activity helped to develop research and innovation ethics among the students.

Aptitude Hunt
“Aptitude Hunt” was successfully organized on 01st Aug., 2015. Dr. Surabhi Sengar & Dr. Leena Sharma successfully coordinated the event. The event was organized with an objective to identify students having analytical and logical thinking ability, Curiosity and Systematic approach. The outcome of the event was to develop innovation and research ethics among the students.

Matholic Activity
The Matholic Activity was conducted in First year Engineering Department from 10th Aug to 14th Aug., 2015.Around 148 students participated in this activity from all divisions of First year. Mrs. Ashwini Vaze, Mr. Arif Bagwan, Mrs. Nishi Gupta. successfully coordinated the event.

“Out of the Box” Activity
The “Out of the Box” activity is conducted weekly in First year Engineering Department. Dr. Leena Sharma & Dr. Surabhi Sengar were the faculty coordinators for conducting this activity. The activity was organized with an objective to motivate, update and appreciate the research culture among the students and faculty members. As an outcome, the students got to know about some famous scientist, their inventions, ideas behind their invention, also students got updated by the recent happenings and news and in the area of science and technology.

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