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Electronova 2016
Technical symposium “ELECTRONOVA 2K16” was successfully conducted in the department in association with Electronics and Telecommunication Student’s Association (ETSA). The faculty Coordinator was Mr. S.S Ayne and Treasurer Mrs.A.M Lalge. Student coordinator was Mr. Pranav Kende.

The event was organized with the objective to built the teamwork spirit and provide the platform to the students to showcase their technical and non-technical skills. Various technical and non- technical events like Dumbshrenorics Project Competition, Poster Presentation, Paper Presentation, Arduino Coding, Mad-Ads, PCB Design, IPL Main, Aqua Boat, Line Tracer were organized under “ELECTRONOVA 2K16”.

Outcome: Different societal issues and methods to address them were uncovered through poster presentations. Technical events like project exhibition and paper presentation helped the students to improve their communication skills and team work spirit. Events like aqua boat, line tracer, Dumbshrenoics, PCB Design boosted the confidence of the students to analyze and design the circuits which are important socially and of practical use. Stimulus, Mad-Ads addressed the current affairs. Thus the major outcome of the event was overall development of students.

Highlights of Poster Competition 15 grant challenges Solar Energy management, Radiation, Green energy, Global warming, Rain water harvesting, E-waste management in society were addressed through poster competition.

Glimpses of Electronova 2K16

Two Days State Level Workshop on Design and Simulation of Low Power Integrated Circuits using HPSICE at Deep Submicron Technology under QIP

Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering had organized 2 days state Level Workshop on “Design and simulation of Low Power Integrated Circuits using HPSICE at Deep Submicron Technology” under QIP (Quality improvement Program) of SPPU (Savitribai Phule, Pune University) on 26th and 27th February 2016. The intention of this workshop is to enrich the participants with knowledge of design issues in advance CMOS technologies and beyond CMOS technologies like CNT FET, FIN FET along with analysis for low power IC design. The faculty coordinators for this were Mrs. V. S. Bendre, Mr. U. R. Shirode. Total 44 participants including students and faculties were present for workshop. Guest of honor and key note speaker was Dr. Dipankar Nagchaudhari, Ex-Prof. IIT-Delhi, DAIICT Gandhinagar. The experts invited for various sessions are:


Session No.

Name of Session

Name of resource Person

26th Feb. 2016


Keynote Session

Dr. Dipankar Nagchaudhari, Ex-Prof. IIT-Delhi, DAIICT Gandhinagar


Low Power Low Voltage Operational Amplifier Strategies

Prof. Kean Raut, Professor, VIIT, Pune


CMOS: Present & Future from industry perspective

Mr. Pankaj D.Gautam Lead, Support Application Engineer Cadence Design System

27th Feb. 2016


Introduction to SOI MOSFET for nanoscale CMOS Circuits, Beyond CMOS technologies

Dr. G.C.Patil, Professor, VNIT Nagpur


Lab session on HSPICE and NGSPICE

Mr. Pankaj D.Gautam Lead, Support Application Engineer Cadence Design System


Design of low power integrated circuits using carbon nano-tube FET (CNTFET)

Dr. A.K. Kureshi , Principal, VACOE , Ahmednagar


Introduction to TCAD for Low Power Design

Mr. Amit Saini, Principal Application Engineer at Cadre Design Systems

This workshop helped the participants to identify, formulate solve problems in the field of Low power Integrated circuits using HPSICE at Deep Submicron Technology.

Two days Hands on training on PCB Designing, Circuit Simulation and Layout Designing

Two days Hands on training on 'PCB Designing, Circuit Simulation and Layout Designing' (Technical Add-on Course) was organised in association with “NUTAN INFOTRONICS” on 2nd and 3rd January 2016 for Second Year E & TC students. Faculty Coordinators were Mrs. S. U. Deoghare, Mrs. Mrunalini Bhandarkar, Mrs. J.P Joshi, Mrs Sangita Patil. Total 152 Students attended the course. The main objective of this workshop was to make the students aware of the circuit simulation and PCB design techniques as this is required for project implementation. Giving these inputs at second year level will strengthen the project based learning. The resource person were Mr. Ranjeet Singh, Mr. Nikhil Sonune from Nutan Infotronics.

Guest Lecture on Success Mantra for Soft Skills

A guest lecture on "Success Mantra for Soft Skills" delivered by Mrs.Meera Natajan, F.E Dept, PCCoE was organized by E&TC department on 14th and 16th March 2016. It was arranged for the SE (E&TC) students under the Soft Skills subject. Mrs. Rajani. P. K and Mrs. Anjali. S. Srivastav successfully coordinated the event. Objective of this lecture is to provide students with necessary tools and techniques for effective communication build right attitude and imbibe essential values.

Guest Lecture on Modulation and Coding tradeoffs

A guest lecture on "Modulation and coding tradeoffs" delivered by Mr. G. R. Rahate, E&TC Dept, PCCoE on 31st March 2016 . It was arranged for the TE (E&TC) students under the subject "Information Theory & Coding Techniques" subject. Mrs. S. Y. Sawant, Mrs. Rajani. P. K and Mrs. Swati Jagtap successfully coordinated the event. Objective of this lecture was to make students able to analyze performance of communication system with coding and modulation.

Guest Lecture on Industrial Sensor’s and Its Applications

A guest lecture on “Industrial Sensors and It’s Applications” by Mr. Sudarshan Mantri (Project Manager) Educate Automate(ETA),Pune was organized by Mrs. Seema U.Deoghare and Mrs. R.S Kad for SE E& TC Students on 16th March 2016 at 10.00 am.

Guest Lecture on Basics of Satellite Communication

A guest lecture on “Basics of Satellite Communication” by Dr. R. P. Borse (SAE Kondhwa) was organized for the faculty, staff, and students on 4th February 2016. Mrs. V. A Kulkarni, Mrs. A.S Pawar, Mr. P.V Sontakke successfully coordinated the event. This lecture focused on the basics of satellites and unique advantages over conventional long distance transmissions. This is a highly useful area in the field of communication for the faculty and students learning Broadband Communication, Mobile Communication subjects etc.

Expert talk on Internet of Things (IoT)

An expert talk on Internet of Things (IoT) was organized in Department of E&TC on 30th December 2015. IoT is a contemporary and broad research area under E&TC as well Computer and Networking and highly useful for the faculty and students learning Broadband Communication, Mobile Communication subjects etc. The objectives of this event were

  • To expose the students and faculty to contemporary and futuristic technologies
  • To make students aware of impact of engineering solutions on the society
  • To develop managing aptitude in students
  • To develop continual learning and research aptitude amongst the students so that new technologies can be understood.

Faculty Orientation Workshop on BE (E&TC) Revised Syllabus 2012

Faculty Orientation Workshop on BE(E&TC) Revised Syllabus 2012 Course for the elective subject Electronics Product Design was jointly organized by BoS Electronics, University of Pune and E&Tc Department, Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering, Pune. on 11th June and 12th June 2015. Total 45 participants from SPPU attended the FDP. Workshop was inaugurated by Dr. A. M. Fulambarkar (Principal, PCCoE), Dr. Jayant Umale (Dean Academics, PCCoE), Dr. N. B. Chopade (HOD, E&TC Department) and other senior Faculties of E&TC Department. Dr. D. S. Bormane (BoS Chairman (Electronics) and Principal, RSCOE, Pune) along with Dr. C. Y. Patil (BoS Chairman (Instrumentation) and H.O.D (Instrumentation), COEP, Pune) graced the valedictory function. Workshop was coordinator by Prof. A. R. Suryawanshi.

Technical Symposium : Techshastra-2015

E & TC Department organized two days Technical Symposium “Techshastra-2015” under Techlligent-2015 on 01st and 02nd April 2015. This symposium aimed at integrating different events from E&TC domain and create an open platform for students to showcase their inherent technical skills. Mrs. Anjali Shrivastav and Mrs. Ashwini Shinde were the Staff conveners and Prof. S. D. Nagrale was the treasurer for “Techshastra-2015”. The student team comprised of Mr. Shubham Waghmare (Convener), Ms. Twinkle Pajiyar (Co-convener), Shreyash Sawant (Organizing secretary), Veena Nagwe (Joint Organizing secretary) and Mr. Avinash Pankhade (Treasurer). This two day event was a blend of Five technical events viz. Paper presentation, Project competition, Kit Fabrication competition, Electronica and Byte-the bit and four Nontechnical events viz. Mad-Ads, Retricate, Mock Recruitment and Table tennis. PCCOE alumni Mr. Pankaj Nagle (Sr-Executive- Business Development, Renu Electronics), Mr.Vishal Agrawaland Ms.Swapna Barse were the judges for technical events. There were more than 110 entries and around 600 participants from all the departments.

Seminar on Recent trends in Power Electronics (SMPS)

Seminar on Recent trends in Power Electronics (SMPS) for TE (E&TC) students, by Mr. Shushant Vitonde from Olympus Power Electronics, Bhosari, Pune coordinated by Mr. A. R. Suryawanshi, Mr. A. B. Patil and Mrs. M. S. Bhandarkar on 21st February 2015.

Guest Lecture on Advances in Control System: FSM based PLC ladder diagram

The Guest lecture on “Advances in Control System: FSM based PLC Ladder Diagram” by Dr. Dhiren Dave, Sr. Associate Professor, Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune, under the subject "Control Systems" was arranged for SE E&TC students on 23rdMarch2015 which was coordinated by Mrs. S. U. Deoghare and Mrs. S. Y. Sawant.

Guest Lecture on Applications of Embedded Processor

The Guest lecture on “Applications of Embedded Processor” by Prof. N. G. Palan, Cummins College of Engineering, Pune under the subject "Embedded Processor" was arranged for TE (E&TC) students on 25th February 2015 which was coordinated by Mrs. J. S. Kulkarni and Mrs. A. M. Ekbote.

Competition on Exploration to Multisim

Department of Electronics and Telecommunication has organized a simulation competition of "Exploration to Multisim” on 2nd January2015 for SE E&TC students, which was coordinated by Mrs. S. U. Deoghare , Mrs. M. S. Bhandarkar and Mrs. J. P. Joshi.

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