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Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

Infrastructures and Facilities

Communication and Networking:

Sr. No.
Name of Instrument/Software
1. Vector Network Analyzer 6.5 GHz
2. USRP B210 SDR Platform
3. Spectrum Analyzer 2GHz, 3 GHz
4. Logic Analyzer
5. Line Impedance Stabilization Network, Near Field Probe, Antenna
6. Synthesized Arbitrary waveform generator/Noise Generator

VLSI and Embedded

Sr. No.
Name of Instrument/Software
1. Nexus III board Spartan 6 kit, Add on cards for Spartan 6
2. XUP Vertex 5 kit
3. Virtex 7 Evaluation kit VC 707
4. Zed board Application Programmable System on Chip Board
5. ARM 9 Development board ARM 9 processor with peripherals
6. PSoc 3 development kit Supporting FPGA interface with 8051 based Soc or CY8C3244AXI-153 with peripherals
7. Low cost OMAP DSP+ARM development kit
8. Vmod Cam with cables

Signal and Image Processing:

Sr. No.
Name of Instrument/Software
1. MATLAB 2019b
2. Microwind 3.5
3. Xilinx 5.2i, Xilinx ISE 13.1
4. Code Composer Studio (Platinum Edition)
5. Higher Education Program for VLSI front End design
6. Mentor Graphics HEP-1 back end IC nanometer design ADITtm Eldo Quest tm ADMS Pyxis callbare IE3D 3years back end tool.
7. Mentor Graphics HEP-2 front design verification & test vista req. tracer questa (including modelsim) precision synthesis leonardo spectrum ASIC tessent silicon test questa code link system vision Brigepoint