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Never take Mechanical Engineer for granted

Mechanical Engineering is the art of utilizing critical thinking systems and applying them to the plan and assembling of an object. Basically, a mechanical engineer utilizes innovative plans and analytical learning skills to transform an idea into something real.

If mechanical Engineering degree is something you are passionate about, then go for the Best Mechanical engineering colleges in Pune. PCCOE is one of the Top engineering colleges in Pune, where you can learn and explore new things to build up your career. Keep reading to find out about the significance of mechanical Engineering and how PCCOE’s program explores the engineering top to bottom:

Best Mechanical engineering colleges in Pune

Engineering is nothing but a man’s world. In today’s world, men who have all the technical and commercial skills in the world, but they don’t have social skills to match, are in no way competent enough to hold a place for themselves in society. In the opinion of many, engineering career is nothing but the constant love affair between a machine and a man.

Mechanical Engineering is a branch that forms the basis for the various Engineering branches. This is because core knowledge and abilities provided in Mechanical Engineering are basically in the common trunk of any branch of Engineering. This is also the branch of Engineering that is most flexible and the one that is firmly connected to the majority of the everyday demands and needs of the mankind. Mechanical Engineering is without a doubt, acknowledged as the branch equipped with the widest spectrum of tools that could give engineering answers for the majority of the challenging issues experienced in encouraging the improvement of the human culture in any national context at any given point in time. It also clears the way to achieve the goal of developing a very challenging, energizing and a rewarding professional career of a young logically and technically curious undergraduate.

Conclusively, Mechanical Engineering includes the planning, analyzing, designing, testing, fabricating, manufacturing and constant improvement of products and systems that are utilized as a part of each aspect of present day society and accordingly motivates young students who wish to embark on a proficient professional career to contribute to national advancement and render services to mankind.

Without mechanical engineering, we would not have things like motors, engines, generators, lifts or even air cooling. While we might not even understand it, we in all probability utilize something that has been mechanically built each day.

Mechanical engineering plays an important role in manufacturing technology, from autos to planes to fridges. It enables you to do numerous day to day activities with ease, as it conveys helpful technologies to our present day society. It is a standout amongst the most important subdivisions of engineering, because without it, many of the technologies we utilize each day would not be accessible.

Why Mechanical Engineering is the best among other Engineering fields

There has always been an argument and discussion among all engineering undergraduates about which engineering course is the best? Students always love talking about the best branch of engineering course. Despite the fact that this is an actual reality and it needs no talk that mechanical engineering is still the best. Find below few reasons here which make mechanical engineering The Best among all different branches of engineering.

Mother of All Engineering Disciplines:Yeah it’s mom of all engineering branches and you know it! Mechanical engineering joins all engineering branches together and gives a base to all engineering education.

Evergreen Field: Mechanical engineering course is an evergreen field. Uses of mechanical engineering have spread over such a wide range, to the point that it has penetrated into practically every industry. Mechanical engineering kicked its application off ideal from the introduction of this universe and it will proceed till the finish of this universe.

Best Lifestyle: Do you require a best way of life to live in? Mechanical engineering offers you one of the best ways of life, like a dream come true.

Best placement engineering college in Pune

Best Job Offers: Mechanical engineering graduates get best job offers after graduation. It’s one of the most paid jobs everywhere throughout the world.

Everything Is Mechanical: Mechanical engineering has its application in all fields of life. May it be pharmaceutical, construction, car (Automobile) or even programming (Software) and IT industries. All that you see around you includes mechanical engineering to some degree.

Social Status: Mechanical engineers are respected in each general society. They are like worldwide ambassadors. Wherever they go, they are approached with respect.

Vast Industry: Mechanical engineering industry is boundless. Each industry needs mechanical engineers to maintain its business smoothly.

There are many colleges in Pune which are really doing well but few are really good from the placement point of view like PCCOE, a best placement engineering college in Pune. They have a very good track record from last few years. They offer good infrastructure, placement opportunities and faculty is also very helpful and cooperative. PCCOE gives you an opportunity to work on live projects and give you nice exposure. That is why, now a days, PCCOE is counted as one of the Best Engineering College in Pune. You may browse their web sites and check for details.

Why engineering as a career is a great choice?

Careers in engineering will take you to the top level and typically being in high demand nowadays, it offers a stable life, work environments and high paid salaries. Those who are pursuing an engineering degree in an interested engineering field may get benefits of a summer internship in the field. Usually, Engineers expect to work in typical working hours during office days like Monday to Friday.

Those who are making a career in engineering field should be highly analytical, able to solve the problems and absorb a high amount of information.

Best engineering college

Engineering is nothing but a man’s world. In today’s world, men who have all the technical and commercial skills in the world, but they don’t have social skills to match, are in no way competent enough to hold a place for themselves in society. In the opinion of many, engineering career is nothing but the constant love affair between a machine and a man.

Wait for a second, though! Is it really all about nuts and bolts, screwdrivers and spanners? Definitely not, and do women actually work in engineering? Of course, they do!

Forget anything you’ve heard previously! Before you make the choice to get into engineering, you should firstly discover what it’s really all about.

Why is engineering so important?

It’s all about solving the problems using special techniques and practical skills. It’s all about math’s, science, research, production, design, maintenance and prototypes.

Every industry and every area of our society depend on the efficient and precise work of engineers.

Why are there so many different branches of engineering?

There are so many different areas of engineering to work in; however, most engineers choose to specialize in just one field, such as robotics, automotive or chemical. Careers in engineering fields are constantly evolving and new processes and technologies are being developed all the time. This allows engineers to stay on the ball and react to their new problems and challenges in their chosen field.

Engineering careers always varied in terms of their job responsibilities, as well as with their working locations. As an engineer, you could be working in an office, in outer space, on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean, in a factory, or even in a laboratory.

Each engineering discipline requires the professionals with very specific skill-sets. However, each and every area of this sector is as complex as the next.

Consequently, all the engineers need to have strong mathematical skills, logic and even the ability to rise to intellectual and practical challenges. If you’ve got what it takes, you might be the right candidate for an engineering.
A massive variety of industries need professional engineers. Some of the most popular include:

  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Environmental
  • Medical and pharmaceutical
  • Construction
  • Space
  • Marine
  • Food and drink.

Many engineers have a number of technical skills; however, many choose to specialize in a specific type of technical function, such as:

  • Research and prototype development
  • Production
  • Installations and maintenance
  • Design
  • Safety and quality assurance.

Moreover, as discussed above, all engineers tend to select one expert area of engineering and develop their career in that one niche area.

What sectors of engineering build things?

Ever wondered that why your paper airplane, or a homemade bottle rocket, plummets to the ground after only in a matter of seconds, while real aircraft and spacecraft can stay up there for a number of hours, days and even years on end? That is because your effort was designed in seconds and constructed into one clumsy mess, whereas the actual aircraft are designed, built and maintained by some of the most talented engineers from top engineering colleges.

An aeronautical engineer is the one who deals with aircraft which fly in our atmosphere.

An astronautical engineer is the one who deals with spacecraft which operate outside of the earth’s atmosphere.

An avionics engineer is the one who deals with all the electronic and electrical parts of spacecraft and aircraft (e.g. navigation systems).

Automotive engineering is a similarly complex field of engineering but is obviously concerned with the design and production of trucks, motorbikes, buses, cars and your cousin’s funny little moped. Automotive engineers actually have their fingers in all kinds of engineering pies, with their jobs involving a combo of mechanical, electrical, electronic and software engineering.

Civil engineers are all related to the built environment. They are responsible for providing engineering expertise on stadiums, dams, bridges, buildings and all kinds of major construction projects.

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest, broadest and most popular engineering branches. It involves the design, production and maintenance of mechanical systems, machines, tools and apparatus that use heat and mechanical power to operate (such as pistons, engines cooling apparatus and vehicles etc.)

In the world we exist in, no country will succeed without the adoption of engineering practices. The importance of engineering in our world is numerous.

The Ultimate Resource for an Enlightened Life

                                                            “Teaching is a profession that teaches all other professions.”

A teacher is a soul that inspires a whole lot of young people to pursue their dreams. A teacher is just not a source of inspiration but a package of love , wisdom, motivation, immense strength and the best guide ever.

Teachers play a key role in education and also in student’s life. A teacher is considered has a person with a vision of the future , an experience of the past and a motivation to build many lives. Educational system has changed drastically and dramatically. The black board teaching and the story telling classes got replaced with latest technologies. The debate that technologies are advantageous over manual teachers are increasing these days. But teachers can never replace any technologies as far there are students, schools or colleges.  Internet and videos may definitely clear many theoretical and practical queries but a source of guidance in a loving way can be given only by teachers.

Engineering college in pune

    ” Strong teachers don’t teach content; Google has content. Strong teaching connects learning in   ways that inspire kids to learn more and strive for greatness.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        – Eric Jensen.

The post of a teacher or professors comes with great responsibility than a mere job. It has a great impact on the growth as well as the well fare of the nation. Teachers of today are blessed with more broader or diverse thinking and have  play a wide and important role in almost every occupation. The relation witnessed between a professor and a student is scared and a harmonious one filled with complete dedication and affection. Teachers hold the highest responsibility of a student’s life as these young students form the strong pillars  of tomorrow. From kindergarten to college, every student looks up to a teacher or a professor for any queries regarding life or academics. After home and parents teachers are the people who spend maximum time in knowing each and every individual and bringing them up in a peculiar way that will reward them great future.

The story of success of every individual varies. Behind every successful student is a good professor who has immensely spent his or her valuable time in bringing the best out of every student. Investing in the best colleges which rewards best faculties is the ultimate reward for every student. Senior colleges are final stage where a student reaches to. In a hunt for best engineering colleges ,B schools or any such educational firm,  students mustn’t forget the importance of having the best professors.

After decades of transporting or classifying students or the various changes that has occurred in syllabus and textbooks , teachers play the most active role in improving schools or college with their immense skills and wisdom.

A school or college without a teacher or professor is a life without learning and fun. Teachers are the ultimate source that gives learning with fun and deserves great respect. A teacher is a star, super hero and a mother to every student.

Mechatronics…a new Update in Engineering

Mechatronics engineering is concerned with the design of all automated machines. It is strongly based on the combination of mechanical, electronics and software engineering, but has a distinctly different discipline to all three.

This field differs from automation engineering. It requires  a person to have deeper understanding or knowledge about the performance analysis and design of complex machines. A mechatronics engineer in best engineering college in pune is capable of thinking entirely about a system, rather than of focussing on certain domain and specific elements such as mechanical system or the software.

best engineering college in pune

These engineers  work with electronic instrumentation and computer control systems which nearly all machinery depend on for efficient and reliable operation.

This field also have roles in project engineering, reliability engineering and as well as power engineering where cross-disciplinary knowledge can  gives them an edge on mechanical or electrical engineers. .  It can work with electrical as well as on mechanical and can solve problems that cross discipline boundaries.  Their strength in IT, computer hardware and networking as well as software helps them to be a flexible problem solvers. Writing and testing the software for specialised computer systems and micro-controllers forms a very major part of the work of many mechatronic engineers.

Like all engineers, technical combination takes most of a these students working time. By its nature, this field involves extensive combination with people working in more traditional engineering disciplines.

There are some job vacancies labelled “mechatronic engineer” than other disciplines.  There are still not many experienced mechatronic engineers available, so most of the employers would not want to restrict the field of applicants by calling only for a mechatronic engineer.  Positions for this field are often advertised as:

  • Asset Management engineer
  • Automation engineer
  • Data Logging engineer
  • Electrical/Electronic engineer
  • Electro mechanical engineer
  • Instrumentation engineer
  • Maintenance engineer
  • Plant engineer
  • Process engineer
  • Process monitoring and plant systems engineer
  • Project engineer
  • Software engineer
  • Systems engineer

A degree from top College in Pune will help enhance once profile and excel once career.


Best computer engineering college in pune

imagesPCCOE is the Best computer Engineering College in pune. In the year 2013-2014, 59 students of computer department got placed in various reputed companies. Computer department runs students centric activities through student chapter established in collaboration with Association of Computing Machinery. The Mission of PCCOE is to provide State of the art resources and opportunities for Learning and Research in Computer Engineering to build technologically competent and ethically strong individuals for serving the needs of Society. and vision of the pccoe college To be a Premier Hub in Computer Engineering Education and Research.

Now days the growth in IT sector and to cope increasing demand of engineers, PCCOE runs B.E. in Computer Engineering Programme which is permanently affiliated to University of Pune and approved by AICTE, New Delhi. The Programme is accredited by NBA. Department of Computer Engineering established with student intake of 60 in 2001 has now grown to student intake of 180. With this growth of intake, we have also grown to provide the excellent learning environment in area of computer engineering through continuous up gradation of infrastructure. The program aims towards all round development of the students to make them competent individuals for industry, academia and research. Strong pillars of the department are the State of the Art Infrastructure, Competent Faculty and hardworking students.

Engineering college in  pune

Features of PCCOE Computer Department:

1.Adequate computing facilities for hands on experiments and learning

2.Qualified, Experienced and student Concerned faculty

3.Interest based exposure to Industry, Research and Higher studies ( ME, MS and MBA etc.)

4.Add-on courses for technical, communication and aptitude skills

5.Personal monitoring of the progress of each student and remedial actions if necessary.

6.Ample opportunity to learn organization, management and attending events through professional        student chapter affiliated to Association for Computing Machinery ACM.

Achievements of PCCOE Computer Department :

1.University Results – Among best colleges in UoP

2.Placements – Among best colleges in Maharashtra

3.Remarkable Students and faculty achievements at national and internal level like research publications, higher studies abroad, technical event participation, cultural, sports and social service.

Top Engineering College in Pune – PCCOE

Engineering College in PunePune is one of the renowned cities of India. This town has considerably developed its name within the field of engineering  in top engineering colleges in Pune. Pimpri Chinchwad Education Trust (PCET) was established by Late Shri. S. B. Patil in the year 1990 with a vision to provide value added educational platform to society in multiple dimensions right from Nursery to Doctoral programs in all professional streams enabling all the students to achieve Freedom through Education.

PCCOE is operational in Pradhikaran, Nigdi, in more than 10 Acres of land and having more than 4500 students on board and strive to provide world class academic and cultural foundation to every child to realize his/her greatest potentials emphasizing Social, Emotional,Physical,and spiritual development , making the child an extrovert ,to meet challenges of life with a positive attitude and great confidence. It keeps PCCOE ahead among the top engineering colleges in pune.

PCCOE top engineering College in Pune receives the ISO 9001:2008 certification from a prestigious German based Certifying body. The institute is also accredited by National Board of Accreditation , New Delhi and has received Permanent Affiliation from University of Pune. Attaining this Certification speaks about PCCOE’s continual efforts to increase Internal Process Disciplines and to provide best service to Students and it shows the zeal of PCCOE to be in the top engineering colleges in pune.BestMechanicalEngineeringCollegeInPune

PCCOE inculcates strong self-esteem and moral values in a student with skills necessary to excel in every walk of life and serve the society through value added quality education. PCCOE established state-of-the-art Top Engineering Colleges in pune and impart Attitude, Knowledge and Skills with Quality Education to develop individuals and teams with ability to think and analyze right values and self reliance.

PCCOE produces socially committed and technologically competent Engineers and provides Quality Education to satisfy the needs and expectations of the Students. We shall achieve this through continues improvement in effective implementation of Quality Management System . We at PCCOE now proudly say that PCCOE is among the top engineering colleges in pune



Welcome to Pimpri chinchwad college of engineering at Sector-26, Pradhikaran,Nigdi,
Near Akurdi Railway Station, Pune – 411 044.

Pimpri chinchwad college of engineering is the one of top and best engineering college in Pune also Best Placement engineering college in pune as compared to all other engineering colleges in pune. When compared in Pccoe, around 85% of the student gets placed every year in various reputed companies. PCCOE college provides reputed and well qualified teaching facility. PCCOE has a vision to serve the Society, Industry and all stake holders through Value Added Quality Education. Our mission is to serve the need of the society at large by establishing state-of-the-art Engineering, Management and Research institute and impart Attitude, Knowledge and Skills with Quality Education to develop individuals and teams with ability to think and analyze right values and self reliance. Pimpri Chinchwad College of engineering is the Best Engineering college in pune & Situated at a very approachable location near Akurdi Railway Station, Nigdi, Pune.

Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering offers various courses inUndergraduate Courses, Postgraduate Courses (Engineering) and Postgraduate Courses(Management). In Undergraduate Courses like Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Engineering, Information Technology Engineering and Civil Engineering. There are two shift in Undergraduate Courses one is morning shift and another is afternoon shift. Also in Postgraduate Courses (Engineering) like ME (Computer), ME (Mechanical)- Heat Design, ME (Mechanical)- Design, ME (E&TC)- Embedded Systems & VLSI and ME (IT) also Postgraduate Courses(Management) likes Master in Business Management (MBA) and Master in Computer Application (MCA).

Along with educational capabilities PCCOE provides greater infrastructure facilities to its students Likes Spacious Classrooms with Modern Teaching Aids, also provides Advanced and Well Furnished Laboratories. PCCOE have a world class library with more than 510 books suitable environment Reading Room, Digital Library and Language Lab. College provides 24 *7 hour Wi-Fi Connectivity in Campus also Very high speed Internet, College also provides Separate Boys Hostel & Girls Hostel. PCCOE college organize different culture event like dance competition, fashion show, debate competition, paper presentation and play competition also different inter college sport event likes Basket Ball, Volleyball and Football Courts, ChessBoards, Carom Boards, TT Tables and cricket.

More Detail Information Visit Below Link….


Engineering colleges in pune

Engineering College in Pune, Top College in Pune | PCCOEWith a Mission to provide quality education through the process of continuous learning to avail maximum opportunities that help to address the needs of a diverse student population from national and international College Pccoe strives to make a unique stand among the Engineering colleges in pune.

Through its strong commitment towards student learning and their professional development pccoe offers various career-oriented academic programs that help students to prepare themselves for productive roles in different sectors. College also conduct various personal development sessions that enhances student skill variant from aptitudes to critical skills that involve lifelong learning, which also help them in further studies and train them towards leadership roles in the community. The vibrant ideas and student enhancement program helps pccoe to stand apart from the various other Engineering colleges in pune.

At PCCOE we understand the current technical know-how and prepares student accordingly. We also arrange different workshops for future possible enhancements in technology that helps to widen their scope. The seminars by experienced personal helps our student to learn from their experience which makes pccoe one of the best Engineering colleges in pune.

We focus to provide a comprehensive range of degrees and continuous educational programs of academic excellence, ensure continuous relevance and quality of Faculty and Staff competencies and to enhance and maintain supportive educational environment conducive to personal development and academic success of students to be the best Engineering college in pune

We aim to expand the practical dimension and application of learning to real business contexts to meet industry needs of qualified work force. As well as to enable students to achieve their professional goals by fostering leadership and interpersonal skills to enhance their employability.

Eligibility Criteria For Engineering Admission Process

The aim of Pimpri chinchwad college of engineering is to provide quality higher education and continuous learning opportunities that address the needs of a diverse student population of national and international College entrants and adult learners and to make a unique stand among the Engg colleges in pune. PCCOE give socially committed and technologically competent Engineers and provide Quality Education to satisfy the needs and expectations of the Students.
Eligibility Criteria for First Year Engineering Admission 2014-15

1.Eligibility criteria for Maharashtra State Candidate and Outside Maharashtra State

1. State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education or its corresponding examination with subjects English Candidate should be an Indian National.
2. Candidate should have passed the HSC (Std.XII) examination of Maharashtra state, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry/Biotechnology /Biology/ Technical Vocational subject.


1.Candidate Required minimum 50 % marks (minimum 45 % marks, in case of Backward class categories and Persons with Disability candidates belonging to Maharashtra State only) in the subjects Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry / Biotechnology / Biology / Technical Vocational subject added together.


1.Obtained a positive amalgamated score i.e marks obtained after adding 50% of JEE (Main)2014 (Paper 1) marks and 50% of normalized Standard XII marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

2. Eligibility Criteria for All India Candidates

1. Candidate should be an Indian National
2. Candidate should have passed the HSC (Std.XII) examination of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education or its equivalent examination with subjects English, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry/Biotechnology /Biology/ Technical Vocational subject.


1.Candidate Required minimum 50 % marks (minimum 45 % marks, in case of Backward class categories and Persons with Disability candidates belonging to Maharashtra State only) in the subjects Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry/Biotechnology/Biology/ Technical Vocational subject added together.


1. Obtained All India Rank in JEE (Main) 2014 (Paper 1) given by CBSE.
2. Information Brochure available and published by DTE on www.dtemaharashtra.gov.in.

Required Original Documents for First Year Engineering are Following …..
1. DTE Allotment Letter
2. JEE Score Card
3. S.S.C. Mark Sheet
4. H.S.C. Mark Sheet
5. Degree Mark sheet
6. L. C. / T. C. / [Migration (if applicable)]
7. Nationality Certificate
8. Affidavit regarding Anti Ragging from student and parent.
9. Cast Certificate
10. Cast Validity/ Proforma H
11. Non Creamy Layer Certificate valid up to 31st March, 2015
12. Certificates in proforma A, B, C, D, E and F as applicable.
13. Domicile Certificate (if applicable),
14. Gap Certificate (if applicable)
15. Profarma I For Rs.100/- Stamp Paper (If Nationality Certificate is not available.)
16. Profarma H for Cast Validity not submitted.
17. Income Certificate (form-16) of 2013-14
18. Any other relevant document

More Information regarding the admission process visit blow link…..

Best IT Engineering College In Pune

PCCOE intends to attain eminence by development and nurturing of skills and providing technical education of standard quality. PCCOE campus has well developed laboratories, library, class rooms, hostel, canteen & play ground with all amenities. It is one of the Best IT Engineering College in Pune.

Pune is one of the renowned cities of India. This town has considerably developed its name within the field of engineering and management studies in top 10 Engineering Colleges in Pune. Now in Pune there are so many best colleges which provide such a quality of education that makes Pune famous study destination for aspires in central India.
Information technology department was started in 2001-02 at PCCOE with the goal to impart IT Knowledge to as many students possible. PCCOE understands that the goal of India becoming super power can be realized only if innovation and leadership become the new mantras of the IT industry. IT industries can sustain their future development only through the development of new knowledge of base products and technologies.

Engg College in pune
PCCOE have highly qualified teaching staff. The lecturers have thorough knowledge of the subject. The lectures are available 24/7 for solving student queries. They arrange different sessions so as to have a better communication with students of different level.
PCCOE it department has fully-operational well established computer labs and lecture rooms fully equipped with audio-visual facility that make the class rooms truly vibrant and modern. It is a measure of its success that in a short span of time, the institution gives out a promise of attaining excellence and keeping abreast of latest technological developments around, for utility thereon. PCCOE is having computer laboratories with latest configured branded machines with multimedia.
PCCOE have a wide range of organisation in the placement cell.This include some of the most popular MNC’s in the world For ex: Flipkart, Wipro, TCS, Cognizant, etc. PCCOE provide complete placement assistance to the students.
The rapid increase in customer expectations and workload in the every type of industry resulted in high demand of Information Technology professionals. So Information Technology department was established in Academic year 2001-02 with a vision to develop high quality Software Engineers. We encourage our Students and the faculties to involve in research activities and innovative projects.